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 Custom Built Reptile Cages


6' Cage Double Door

6' double door reptile cage with a divider to split the cage that could accommodate two residents.  The divider com in handy to block the snappy female after giving birth.


 Built to order

 Made of 3/4” white melamine boards

 Wood framed plexi glass front open hinged door(s)

 A front lip is installed so bedding is contained when door is open

 Stainless-Steel latches are used to secure door(s)

 Holes are drilled in the plexi glass for ventilation

 Stackable so you can create wall to wall display of your reptiles

 Siliconed edges to prevent moisture damage

 Heat source & lighting options available  

   Reptile Cages Price List

Cage Size

With ...

Single Door

With ...

Double Door



Heat Tape

With ...


Lamp Holder



3' x 2' x 15" Cage











4' x 2' x 15" Cage











5' x 2' x 15" Cage











6' x 2' x 15" Cage












 o  Extra Light Socket

Add $30

 o  Divider for 6' Cage only

Add $30

 o  Color Painted Trim & Door Frames

Add 20%

 o  Black Melamine (5/8" thick ONLY)

Add 35%

 o  Florescent Lighting Fixture

Add $50

All cages are built to order.

We require a payment of 50% non-refundable deposit before we start production.

Production time takes about 2 - 3 weeks.


** Door Handles may vary in look as shown in pictures. 

** Cages are subject to 7% PST & 5% GST.

** Additional charges will apply for delivery & shipping.

** All prices subject the change without notice.

** Stand in pictures, not included.

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